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How much does CRM Software cost in 2021

CRM standa for Customer Relationship Management - it is a set of tools that organisations use to stay on top of their business development and customer acquisition. It can range anything from spreadsheets to complex cloud applications. The key important thing, is that it helps sales teams manage their sales department with data and insights.

So you might be asking yourself, does your organisation need CRM? And if so - how much is it going to cost you? This article will help answer some of those questions for you. 

How much does CRM software cost in 2021

The cost of CRM Software

Paid CRM framework costs start from around $12 per client, each month for independent companies. Further developed packages for larger companies range from $50 to $150 per client, each month, while the most costly CRM frameworks charge $300 per client, each month, or more. Some exaples are shown below:


With more than 18 percent market share and one of the most popular options, AI-driven customer relationship management platforms in the world, it's nothing unexpected that Salesforce doesn't come modest. Its best value arrangement – the 'Proficient' form of its bundle for services teams and sales – begins at an incredible $100 per client, each month. 

Salesforce has all the bells and whistles, you could say it is expensive for a reson. Ithe downside to it is that, it does not always cater for small businesses. As a small business, all you need is simple system to keep track of your sales activities, data, taska and maybe a mailing list.


Paid bundles start with the 'Standard' plan ($12 per client, each month) and progress to the exceptionally reasonable 'Proficient' level ($20 per client, each month), which adds custom reports and lead scoring rules. Zoho's 'Enterprise' plan (which beats each other similar named plan on this list for the cost, no doubt!) costs just $35 per client, each month, and adds a conversational AI assistant into the deal.

Zoho is cheaper and can manage a lot of requirements of small businesses. 


Skhokho CRM Sales Software

Skhokho offers a simple to cloud-based platform for any business. Coordinate among groups and across offices, while keeping up with information integrity and access control. Skhokho is great for group cooperation and protecting significant organization records, documents, decisions, obligations, and decisions. Skhokho unique and amazing customer relationship management software offers flexible pricing plans based on the size of your company and the assets your organization will utilize as opposed to other CRM. Today, Skhokho should be your get-go CRM offer with its unique and amazing offers.

The Game Changer in CRM Software

The truth is that most organisations do not only comprise of sales departments, there is operations, human resources quality and much more. Therefore, as you select a CRM - consider the cost of all the other supporting business software that you will need. 

Skhokho offers, multiple business apps in one. Instead of paying for up to five different business applications that do: Human Resource management, accounting and sales - Skhokho offers you a one-app solution for the majority of the day-to-day tasks that your teams will be working on. 

Here are some important CRM tasks your organisation will need, that is completely covered by Skhokho Sales and CRM Software. 

Mailling Lists and Newletters 

Keep track of your contacts, organise them in to different mailing lists and send regular marketing and sales emails. Covers. Read more abotu how to use Skhokho Sales and CRM mailing lists in our documentation here. 

Lead Management

We call then hustles, the hustle your business has to go through to acquire new clients. Read more about lead management in our documentation here.

Skhokho CRM Costs 2021

Get started with Skhokho CRM for $40 per month, this covers three employees, unlimited clients and the following:

  • Access to HR Management App
  • Access to Accunting App
  • Access to Project Management App
  • Access to department or team manager app
  • Access to Sales and CRM app


To get started with skhokho, register for a Free - 14 days trial here, no credit cards required. If you do not like it, you can discontunue use after 14 days.

Skhokho Business Management Software
Bertha Kgokong
Published on Sept. 15, 2021

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