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WhatsApp Access to Skhokho Business Software

Skhokho: Your Business Management Software, Now On WhatsApp 🚀 🚀

Turn Your Phone Into Your Business Command Center. With the new Skhokho WhatsApp interface, you can now access your business software directly from your mobile device.

Note crucial information on the go

Quickly access your CRM or add a new tasks on the go, without having to open your laptop.

Create Documents from WhatsApp

Create that Invoice, download it to you device and forward it to a client directly on WhatsApp.

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Create and Invoice on WhatsApp
Mobile Business Management Software

Our business relies heavily on CRM and our client lists, I was completely blown away with the new WhatsApp access functionality of Skhokho. I could not access information on WhatsApp at anytime, and say goodbye to business cards for good.

Simon Tshabalala

WhatsApp Access to Skhokho Business Software

Take your Business Management to the next level by switching to the software that allows you to start managing your business administration on the move, on a messaging platform we all use everyday.
WhatsApp Accounting Software

WhatsApp Accounting Software is finally here 😅

You no longer need a computer, laptop or a smartphone to produce professional invoices and quotes to send to your clients. Just create them directly on your WhatsApp in a few minutes, from any mobile device.

Email directly to client

From the Skhokho Accounting Application WhatsApp interface on your phone.

Print and save the pdf document

So you can forward to your client on WhatsApp directly or any other tool on your phone.

Ideal busines software for remote teams on the go.

Provide your team with the convenience to note simple business documents on the go without having to log in to the web-application. Create notes, tasks and even apply for leave from your WhatsApp.

Improve on software adoption

By increasing accesibility, you can improve on your business software adoption rates.

Create an inclusive workplace

Promote inclusion within your company, by allowing everyone to access Skhokho.

WhatsApp Business Management Software
Safe and Secure Business Software

Skhokho Software WhatsApp Interface is created with security and access control in mind

Moving to mobile will not affect your data security, messages are protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. Access control is managed by our secure servers to ensure every profile will only access their business information and data.

Company level access control

The same security and authentication used on the web application is used on WhatsApp.

Personal level access control

Employees will only access documents and apps they are already granted access to by their managers.

The convenience of WhatsApp CRM on the go.

As a sales person, capturing information on the go can mean the difference between landing the next contract or not. Business cards get lost, people forget, but the contacts and reminders you set on the go will remain, saved directly to your CRM.

Capture contact information

When you meet a new contact, just WhatsApp Skhokho the names and contact information to save.

Add reminders and tasks

Create new tasks, which come with automated reminders to follow up on leads and contacts you meet.

WhatsApp CRM on the go
Get started with Skhokho WhatsApp interface

Getting started with Skhokho WhatsApp interface is simple, start by creating a Skhokho account, invite your team members and just send a message saying "hello" to our WhatsApp number. You will be guided though the steps to create your chat profile.

Skhokho WhatsApp how to documentation

If you need support with our WhatsApp access, simply use the chatbot on our website now and an agent will be happy to assist. Alternatively you can read our documentation on how to use the WhatsApp features from our documentation page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can create a full Skhokho profile from WhatsApp, invite your team members and make payment without ever logging in to the web application.

Your whatsapp profile is connected to Skhokho web application, you can log in anytime to the web application to access the data (eg. invoices, quotes, notes, leave records, tasks) created on WhatsApp.

No, there are no extra charges for accessing Skhokho on WhatsApp.

Yes, if your account is overdue, you will be prompted to make payment and receive a payment link that you can use direcrly from WhatsApp.

Yes, WhatsApp communications are protected by end-to-end encryption managed by Meta. The data you create is stored by us in secure servers, just like the web application.

You can do the following on WhatsApp:
  • Creating your Skhokho account
  • Accepting an invite from your manager
  • Accepting a sponsored invite
  • Making subscription payments
  • Invite team members to Skhokho
  • Create a note
  • Create a task
  • Apply for leave
  • Send an email
  • Create an expense
  • Add a new client
  • Create an invoice
  • Create a quote
  • Create a product or service
  • Add new contact to CRM

Yes, when you create a new Skhokho account (either through the website or WhatsApp), you get a 14 day trial, where you can try out the software and WhatsApp interface for free.