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Skhokho Pricing Plans

Flexible pricing plans that is based on the size of your organisation and resources your company will use. Cancel anytime, no cancellation fees or contracts.

Starter Package

Starts at
$ 20
per month
  • Objective Key Results
  • Meetings Application
  • Calendar Application
  • Manage Employee Records
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Team & Personal Tasks

Business Package

Starts at
$ 28
per month
  • Starter package plus
  • Project Task Management
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Meetings, Documents
  • Project Client Access Portal
  • Quotes & Invoices
  • Business Expenses

Business Pro Package

Starts at
$ 40
per month
  • Business package plus
  • CRM Suite
  • Hustle/Lead Management
  • Mailing lists and Templates
  • Send Group Sales Emails
  • Sales Documents & Notes
  • Sales Meetings & Actions

Frequently Asked Questions

Skhokho Business management software is an intergrated tool with multiple apps to cover the day to day business activites of many organisations. Our software includes Human Resource management, Invoicing and Expense reporting, Sales and CRM, Team Leader application and project management software amongst other things. The prices start as low as $20 and increase as you include more features and add more team members.

Skhokho is created to replace at least five different software that businesses pay for individually. The idea is to use less software, not more. The whole point is to consolidate all your tools in to one place, so you will not need more intergrations. We allow for easy export of data, that can be used for automation flows with other software.

Yes, you can test out our Software for free, without any limitations on the features. You will be able to utilise all of the available features for the package that you select. This is to help you to get a full understanding of the features and benefits of the software. Our free trial lasts for 14 days. To get started with a Free trial, register here.

You will have a Free trial for 2 weeks, where you can test out all the features of Skhokho. After the Free trial, you can continue to use Skhokho by making payment in advance for the rest of the month.

Skhokho subscription fees are charged monthly in advance, you pay for the upcoming month in advance of using the service before you are granted access.

No, you can create a Free trial account, without a credit card to get started with Skhokho. You will be able to access all the features of the platform on the package you selected for 14 days. After the trial period, you can choose to continue with the service by paying for it or you can decide to stop using the service.

Yes, there are no strings attached or any cancellation fees. You can simply stop using the service. When you stop making payment, your subscription will be automatically cancelled.

Your information will be deleted and removed from our servers when you cancel your subscription. If you change your mind in future, you will not be able to access the information again, you will have to re-create a new account from scratch. It is therefore recommended you export and save all your data before cancelling the service.

Every month a new invoice will be created for you to pay your subscription charges. You can find your Invoices on the billing page under your profile here. Note you need to be logged in to access the billing page of your account.

We have written documentation with easy to follow step by step guides with image here. You can also find video tutorials on how to use Skhokho on our youtube channel here.