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Affiliate Marketing Program for SaaS Software

Become an affiliate marketer for Skhokho and start making some real money

Register to become an affiliate marketer for Skhokho today to receive your own affiliate link and get paid every time someone you recommended to Skhokho pays their subscription.

Monthly Cash Payouts

For as long as your referred user remains subscribed to Skhokho, we will pay you in cash.

Referral Discount

Referrals that you send to Skhokho will get a 10% discount off their monthly subscription for up to 10 employees.

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Link

Join Our Affiliate Program today and become an Affiliate Marketer earning real cash every month.

Skhokho Affiliate Marketing Program

Our affiliate marketing program is one of the very few affiliate programs that will pay you for as long as your clients remain on our platform. Create an additional income stream by referring people to Skhokho and earn real cash paid out monthly.
Make money with Affiliate Marketing

Track your Affiliate Program status directly from your personalised dashboard.

Create your affiliate marketing account and log in to your personalised dashboard to track in real-time the current status of: (1) number of people who have clicked on your link, (2) how many people have created a free-trial and (3) How many active accounts created with your link.

Real time dashboard

You can see in real time the current status of your affiliate link.

Log in Anytime

Your personal dashboard is always available to you for free, forever.

You will get your own personalised Affiliate Link.

Each affiliate account created will be assigned a unique link that you can access anytime from the affiliate dashboard when you log in. You do not need to have a Skhokho account to get an affiliate profile.

Share Your Link

Share your link with your tribe and track how many times it has been clicked.

Permanent Link

Your link will remain the same for your account always, it will never change.

Affiliate Marketer
Marketing Affiliate Program

Your Referrals get a 10% Referral Discount for life!

When you share your referral link with your clients, Skhokho will give a 10% discount to everyone that joins Skhokho using an affiliate link for life.

Save your client money

Offer your clients value by providing them an opportunity to save money.

Everybody wins

When you refer clients, everybody wins. Your clients will thank you for it.

Get paid monthly with recurring income.

We are not like other referral programs, there is no cap to how much money you can earn from our products per client or overall. You can increase your income, as long as you refer more users. You get a percentage of their revenue for as long as they remain members.

Get paid for your work

Get what you deserve with our monthly referral payouts, if you refer them, you get paid.

No Payments in Credit

We pay you directly in to your Paypal account in real cash, no credits or voucher payouts.

What is affiliate marketing
What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system where an individual or business can make money through promoting another businesses products or services. There is usually an agreement in place for a revenue share, either once off or continually when new clients are introduced.

Calling all influencers

If you are a business or individual with access to a large group of potential clients either through a Blog, Youtube channel or Newsletter. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra income and monetise your audiece to get paid by brands such as Skhokho.

To get the latest blogs and news emailed directly to your inbox and to stay in touch with our online community and be the first to find out when we have new features and launches:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will get paid 10% of the recenue Skhokho gets from the clients that you refer. Skhokho has a tiered pricing model that starts at $20 per month and goes up for more featres and more users. Skhokho will always pay 10%. If your referral subscribes to a $20 per month package, you will get $2 a month, if they subscribe to a $100 per month package, you will get $10. Refer to our pricing page here for more.

There is no limit to how much money you can get paid, you will always get 10% referral share and you can track how many accounts are active under your referral dashboard at any time.

If the person you have reffered cancells their subscription, you will stop receiving their 10% share as we would have stopped receiving their payments. You can still refer more people and continue to earn.

Yes, every person that you refer to Skhokho will pay 10% less than the normal price for up to 10 employees. We assume if they are a larger company of more than 10 employees, they will afford to pay the full fee. But you will still get your 10% irrespective of how small or large their subscription.

You will get paid directly in to your Paypal account on a monthly basis, if your balance is $10 and above.

All monies will be paid in to Paypal, if you do not have a Paypal account, you can create a new one or provide us with an email address that you control, and we will deposit the funds in to that email address and you can still withdraw using Paypal.

All affiliate payouts will be paid in USD($). Paypal can convert in to your local currency when you make a withdrawal.