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A complete company business management software.

Packaged with everything your company needs to manage Objective Key Results, HR files, Team Tasks, Customer Information, Client Invoices, Project Milestones and Tasks and Sales CRM.

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Business Management Software for Small Business

The Most Comprehensive
Business Management Software

Skhokho is a one-stop software for business managers to run their operation easily and effectively. It provides the most comprehensive set of tools to manage every aspect of business management from Human Resource management(HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Task and Milestone Management, Business Accounting - Invoicing and Expense Management and Objective Key Results Management (OKR).
CRM Software

Track business development, opportunities and leads. Collaborate on documents, meetings and notes.

Project Management

Manage project deliverables, milestones and tasks in one place with complete project task management.

Human Resource

Be compliant with HR files and record keeping of all your emloyees, leave management and payroll.

Objective Key Results (OKR)

Skhokho is intergrated with the Objective and Goal Setting Methodology of OKRs for your teams.

One software to rule them all

Skhokho is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. It is the only software that has tools like employee performance assessments, project management, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resource management (HRM) all under one roof.

SMART Business Goal Setting with Objective Key Results

Forget the old, tedious way of setting quarterly and annual goals with manual spreadsheets or organized notebook piles. Let Skhokho help you collaborate with your team members to make sure everyone is actually aligned to strategy and business direction. This is the most advanced yet clear-cut system for goal setting.

OKR Dashboard

You whole team can visualise a snapshot of your current objective progress at any time.

Smart Objective Tasks

Assign tasks to your team members that are alligned to the objectives and key results set.

Objective Key Results OKRs

Skhokho Business Development CRM Software

Skhokho allows your Sales and Business development teams to be on the same page when following up on Leads. We call them Hustles, as you hustle to build your business, let Skhoko help you to organise your information and streamline resources.

Client Mailing Lists

Create client lists, and client groups within CRM to send custom group emails to.

Hustle/Lead Management

Follow up on your hustle to grow your business, reminders, calendars, notes.

Sales and Business Development CRM Software
Project Management Software Task Milestones Dashboard

Skhokho Company Software Project Management

Project Management is a crucial part of any business operation. We simplify the day-to-day project management activities by breaking down a project in to milestones and tasks. Create milestones for projects and assign tasks to those milestones.

Project Milestone Management

Track milestones per project, assign and track reposibilies.

Project Task Management

Track project tasks per project, assign and track reposibilies.

Human Resource Management Company Software

HR Managers are going to love the HR App. Keep your employee HR files, and records in secure cloud servers - while maintaining strict access control. Manage leave, HR policies and much more from the HR Application.

Leave Management

Apply for leave, track leave applications, approve reject leave.

Manager Module

Invite new members to team, assign team tasks and responsibilities.

Company Software HRM ERP Human Resource Management

Company Software Team Collaboration

Skhokho is ideal for team collaboration and preserving of important company documents, files, communications, decisions, and responsibilities.
Document Management

Replace generic document storage with custom, entity specific document management. Preserve document files within their specific project instance for easy access and collaboration between team members.

Company Notes

Create unique, specific and meaningful notes and associate them with a client, project or activity. Create notes in rich-text format, to preserve ideas and communicate concepts across the different departments and project teams.

Meetings Management

The first company management software to help track meetings and meeting actions. Keep records of business meetings associated with projects and business development, tracking meeting actions as tasks.

Intergrated Tools

Intergrate across your business, communicating and maintaining the same data and records across departments and project teams to promote efficiency and collaboration, while maintaining strict access control.

Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Skhokho is tailored to suit the needs of all types of small businesses. It can be used for invoicing, quotes and expenses—everything you need to manage your business in one software. No more tracking papers, spreadsheets or scrambling through folders for that phone or VAT number!
Skhokho delivers a powerful accounting app that provides small businesses with a complete view of their every-day financials, in an easy to understand interface that every business owner can use. With Skhokho you'll never have to worry about which direction your business is headed in.

Small Business Accounting Invoicing Expenses Software

Project Management Client Access Portal

Skhokho project management app comes standard with an online tool that enables project managers to provide a secure and simple way for their clients to access important project information, documents and invoices, directly from Skhokho client portal.

Project Managers can easily send invites to clients via email, with a login link. The client portal allows project clients to view project milestones, documents and invoices through a simple interface that they will surely appreciate. With this secure platform, you can now easily work with your clients from anywhere at any time.

Project Management Client Access Portal

Meeting Management Software

Skhokho is perfect for those looking to keep track of meetings and interactions with team members. Save time, energy and make the work day more productive by using Skhokho’s functionality as an all-in-one meeting management software.
Schedule meetings, send meeting invites, record actions items during the meeting and send out minutes of meeting directly to the attendants after the meeting.
No more thumbing through papers for minutes. No more scrolling through meetings to find past meetings. Skhokho is your solution for innovative, collaborative meeting planning that will help you and your team stay on track with scheduling and organizing all of those pesky details that fall by the wayside.

Meeting Management Software

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