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Case Study: How Startups within an ESD programme improved their Systems and Processes

Case Study: How Startups within an ESD programme improved their Systems and Processes

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face myriad challenges, from managing customer relationships to keeping finances in check. Many small business owners often overlook the importance of implementing systems and tools that can streamline their operations and ensure they remain compliant with government regulations. This oversight can lead to startups falling behind on essential compliance requirements, impacting their growth and sustainability. 

In our blog post, we'll explore how we've successfully guided startup businesses to recognize the value of prioritizing and enhancing their processes within an Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) program. We'll delve into how Skhokho, as a comprehensive Business Management Tool, has been instrumental in this transformation, ensuring that startups not only meet but exceed their compliance obligations while optimizing their operational efficiency. 

The Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) program is a pivotal initiative aimed at nurturing the growth and sustainability of SMEs. By providing support in the form of resources, mentorship, and development opportunities, the ESD program seeks to empower these businesses, fostering innovation and competitiveness in the broader economy.

Skhokho Empowering Financial Governance: Transforming ESD Program Startups with Innovative Solutions

We will cover these points:

  • The Skhokho Approach to Financial Management
  • Step 1: Onboarding SMEs on to Skhokho
  • Step 2: The Program's Triumph and Growth
  • Step 3: Transition from 10 Companies to Onboarding 23 Startups
  • Navigating Onboarding Challenges: Transitioning to Skhokho
  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices on The Implementation of Skhokho

The Skhokho Approach to Financial Management

Skhokho's innovative approach to financial management has revolutionized the way startups handle their finances, particularly those within the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) program. At the heart of this transformation is Skhokho's Accounting App, a powerful component designed to streamline financial operations and provide comprehensive insights into a business's financial health. Here's a closer look at how Skhokho's Accounting App empowers startups with its suite of features:

The Skhokho Approach to Financial Management

→Management of Client Lists and Vendors: Skhokho simplifies the complex process of managing client and vendor information. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can effortlessly organize and access detailed records of their clients and vendors. This centralized database enhances customer relationship management and supplier interactions, ensuring that businesses have all the necessary information at their fingertips for making informed decisions.

→Creation and Management of Business Products and Services: The platform offers an intuitive system for cataloging products and services, allowing businesses to maintain a clear inventory and service offering list. This feature not only aids in the efficient management of business offerings but also streamlines the process of quoting and billing, ensuring accuracy and consistency across transactions.

→Generation and Management of Quotes and Invoices: Generating accurate and professional quotes and invoices is made effortless with Skhokho. The system automates these critical financial documents, reducing manual errors and saving valuable time. This automation helps businesses improve their billing processes, leading to faster payment cycles and improved cash flow management.

→Expense Tracking and Viewing Accounting Reports: Keeping track of expenses and understanding financial performance are pivotal for any startup. Skhokho's Accounting App provides comprehensive tools for recording expenses and generating detailed accounting reports. These features enable businesses to monitor their financial health, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize spending and enhance profitability.

By integrating these features, Skhokho's Accounting App offers a holistic approach to financial management, tailored to meet the needs of startups in the ESD program. Its ability to consolidate financial tasks into a single, user-friendly platform not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers startups to take control of their financial governance, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.

Step 1: Onboarding SMEs in to Skhokho

By leveraging Skhokho's comprehensive features, startups have been able to achieve remarkable improvements in financial management, operational efficiency, and overall business performance. Through real-world examples and insights, we will explore the transformative impact of Skhokho on these burgeoning enterprises, demonstrating its effectiveness as a solution tailored to the unique challenges faced by startups in an ESD program.

The journey of integrating Skhokho into the operations of startups within an ESD program began ambitiously, targeting an initial cohort of 10 companies. This phase was crucial, setting the foundation for how these startups would leverage Skhokho's extensive suite of tools to enhance their financial governance and overall business management. 

The Journey Begins: Startups onboarding Skhokho

Here’s a breakdown of the initial steps in this transformative journey:

Initial Setup and Integration Process: 

The onboarding journey commenced with an in-depth setup process tailored to align Skhokho's comprehensive platform with the startups' existing systems and processes. Our team dedicated special attention to integrating core functionalities crucial for the startups' day-to-day operations, including the Accounting App for financial oversight, the CRM for enhancing customer relationships, and Project Management tools for streamlined project oversight. A key element of our initial setup was the individualized meetings held with each startup. These weren't just routine check-ins; they were strategic sessions aimed at uncovering each company's unique challenges and exploring how Skhokho could offer solutions tailored to their specific needs. We would gather information such as:

  • Business Description
  • How many employees do they have and
  •  What features of the system do they need, etc

 This phase of the journey was instrumental in forging a strong foundation for the startups, setting them on a path to streamlined operations and enhanced financial management.

Tailored Training Sessions: 

During the training sessions, our primary focus was to ensure that each startup team became proficient and comfortable with using Skhokho, especially the applications they identified as most critical to their operations. We began each session with a comprehensive demonstration of how to navigate and utilize the system, spotlighting the Accounting App for financial management, the CRM for customer engagement, and the Project Management tools for overseeing projects, among other functionalities deemed vital by the startups.

Our approach was interactive and hands-on; after demonstrating each feature, we opened the floor to questions, encouraging participants to voice any queries or concerns they might have. This part of the session was crucial, as it allowed us to address specific issues in real-time, ensuring that each team member not only understood how to use the features but also saw the practical application of these tools in their daily operations.

Following the Q&A, we urged the startups to dive into the system themselves. This hands-on exploration was designed to let them apply what they had learned in a practical setting, reinforcing their understanding and comfort with the software. We emphasized the importance of this trial-and-error phase, assuring them that it was okay to experiment and even encounter challenges. Our message was clear: "Work around the system, familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re stuck."

This phase of self-guided exploration was underpinned by our commitment to ongoing support. We reassured each startup that our team was just a call or an email away, ready to assist with any hurdles they might encounter or provide further clarification on any of Skhokho’s features. This blend of structured learning, interactive support, and encouraged self-exploration was designed to empower each startup with the knowledge and confidence to fully leverage Skhokho in streamlining their business operations and enhancing their financial governance.

Conducted Follow Up Meetings to Understand Unique Challenges: 

Following the initial training sessions, we conducted follow-up meetings with each startup to delve deeper into their unique challenges and experiences with Skhokho. These meetings were an essential part of our commitment to providing tailored support and ensuring that the integration of Skhokho was not just successful but also transformative for each business. During these sessions, we focused on listening. We wanted to understand how each startup was adapting to Skhokho, the benefits they were experiencing, and any obstacles they were facing. These conversations were invaluable, as they provided us with insights into the practical application of Skhokho in diverse business environments and how its features were being leveraged to meet specific operational and financial management needs.

We asked targeted questions to draw out detailed feedback on each aspect of Skhokho they were utilizing, from the Accounting App and CRM to Project Management tools. This approach helped us identify any gaps in understanding or areas where further customization might be needed to make Skhokho even more effective for their particular use cases. Moreover, these follow-up meetings were an opportunity for us to answer any new questions that had arisen as the startups became more familiar with the system. It was also a chance for us to demonstrate additional features or shortcuts that could enhance their efficiency further or solve problems they were encountering.

Beyond troubleshooting and education, these meetings reinforced our relationship with each startup, emphasizing our ongoing support and commitment to their growth. We reassured them that our assistance was ongoing and that Skhokho was a dynamic tool, constantly evolving to meet their changing needs. These follow-up meetings were not a mere formality but a crucial step in ensuring that each startup could fully realize the potential of Skhokho. By understanding their unique challenges and providing personalized support, we aimed to empower these businesses not just to succeed but to thrive in their respective markets.

Step 2: The Program's Triumph and Growth

Success and Expansion of The Program

The integration of Skhokho into the operations of startups within the ESD program yielded remarkable results, catalyzing a phase of success and expansion that underscored the platform's efficacy. The initial cohort of 10 companies experienced significant improvements in their financial management and operational efficiency, setting a precedent that paved the way for the program's growth.

The tailored functionalities of Skhokho’s Accounting App, alongside its CRM and Project Management tools, provided startups with the means to streamline their operations like never before. Startups reported a noticeable improvement in their ability to manage finances more accurately and efficiently, from invoicing and expense tracking to comprehensive financial reporting. This newfound efficiency not only reduced the time spent on administrative tasks but also provided clearer insights into financial performance, enabling more informed decision-making.

Operational processes were similarly enhanced, with startups experiencing better project oversight, improved customer relationships, and more effective resource management. The positive outcomes were evident in the heightened productivity levels and the overall growth of the businesses involved.

Step 3: Transition from 10 Companies to Onboarding 23 Startups

Encouraged by the success stories and the tangible benefits realized by the initial cohort, the program sought to expand its reach. The transition from managing 10 companies to onboarding an additional 13 startups was a testament to Skhokho’s scalability and the program's effectiveness. This expansion not only demonstrated the platform’s capability to support a larger number of startups but also reflected the growing trust in Skhokho as an indispensable tool for business management within the ESD ecosystem.

Transition from 10 Companies to Onboarding 23 Startups


The expansion phase was enriched with testimonials and success stories from the participating startups. These narratives offered genuine insights into how Skhokho had impacted their businesses, from dramatic improvements in financial governance to enhanced operational workflows. Success stories ranged from startups that had streamlined their entire financial operations, reducing overheads and improving profitability, to those that had successfully managed complex projects with improved team collaboration and resource allocation.

These testimonials served not only as endorsements of Skhokho’s capabilities but also as inspirational stories for other startups considering joining the ESD program. They highlighted the transformative potential of integrating a comprehensive business management tool like Skhokho into their operations.

The journey from onboarding the initial 10 companies to managing 23 startups encapsulates a story of success, growth, and the pivotal role of Skhokho in facilitating these achievements. This expansion phase not only solidified the reputation of Skhokho as a versatile and powerful business management platform but also underscored the importance of targeted technological solutions in driving the growth and efficiency of startups within an ESD program.

Navigating Onboarding Challenges: Transitioning to Skhokho

The journey of integrating startups into Skhokho, while marked by significant successes, also encountered its fair share of challenges. These hurdles provided valuable insights into the complexities of change management and the adoption of new technologies within the dynamic landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Here, we delve into some of the core challenges faced during the onboarding process and outline our commitment to enhancing Skhokho for a more seamless transition.

Challenge 1:-Resistance to Change: From Spreadsheets to Systems: One of the primary challenges encountered was the inherent resistance to change, particularly the transition from familiar tools like spreadsheets to a comprehensive system like Skhokho. Many participants were accustomed to traditional methods of business management, viewing them as sufficient for their needs. Convincing them of the long-term benefits of adopting a more sophisticated, integrated system required substantial effort in demonstrating the tangible improvements Skhokho could bring to their operations.

Challenge 2:-System Complexity and User Overwhelm: For some users, the initial encounter with Skhokho’s extensive features was overwhelming. Accustomed to simpler, perhaps less efficient tools, the complexity of a fully integrated business management platform presented a steep learning curve. This overwhelm sometimes led to reluctance in fully engaging with the system, hindering the realization of Skhokho’s full potential in streamlining their business processes.

Challenge 3:-SME Commitment and Understanding: A critical aspect of the onboarding challenge was ensuring SME commitment and understanding. The comprehensive nature of Skhokho necessitated a significant investment of time and effort from SMEs to learn and adapt to the system. Some participants initially struggled to grasp the strategic importance of such an investment, viewing it as a daunting commitment rather than an opportunity for growth and efficiency.

The Path Forward: Making Skhokho More Intelligent

In response to these challenges, there is a renewed focus on enhancing Skhokho's intelligence and user-friendliness. Our goal is to simplify the user experience without compromising the platform's comprehensive capabilities. By making Skhokho more intuitive, we aim to reduce the initial overwhelm and streamline the learning process, making it easier for new users to recognize and leverage the value Skhokho brings to their businesses.

Improvements will include more guided onboarding processes, personalized training resources, and the introduction of AI-driven features to assist in data migration and system integration. These enhancements are designed to address the concerns of change management, ease the transition from traditional tools to Skhokho, and ensure that SMEs can commit with a clear understanding of the system's benefits.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices on The Implementation of Skhokho

The successful implementation of Skhokho within the ESD program startups has yielded invaluable lessons and best practices that can guide other startups aiming to enhance their financial governance and overall business management. Here’s a synthesis of the key takeaways, best practices, and strategic advice for leveraging Skhokho’s full potential:

Lessons Learned and Best Practices on The Implementation of Skhokho


→Key Takeaways from the Implementation of Skhokho

  • Integration is Key: Successful integration of Skhokho into existing business processes is crucial. It's not just about adopting a new tool but about ensuring it works seamlessly with current systems to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Training and Adaptation: The importance of tailored training sessions cannot be overstated. Comprehensive understanding and ease of use among team members significantly amplify the benefits Skhokho offers.
  • Customization for Unique Needs: One size does not fit all. Skhokho's flexibility to adapt to specific business needs and challenges is a major advantage, highlighting the importance of customizing its features to fit the unique requirements of each startup. 

Final Thoughts

The journey of integrating Skhokho into the operations of startups within the ESD program has been nothing short of transformative. This reflection not only showcases the tangible improvements in financial governance and operational efficiency but also highlights the potential for future growth and innovation. Skhokho has proven to be a pivotal tool, enabling startups to navigate the complexities of business management with greater ease and precision.

Looking ahead, the prospects for startups leveraging Skhokho are immensely promising. As these businesses continue to evolve, the adaptability and scalability of Skhokho will be instrumental in supporting their growth trajectories. The platform’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement means that startups will always have access to cutting-edge features that align with the latest business trends and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the growing community of Skhokho users fosters an environment of collaboration and shared learning, which is invaluable for startups looking to navigate the challenges of expansion and scale.

Call to Action

In light of the success stories and the undeniable benefits that Skhokho offers, a call to action is extended to other ESD programs and startups. Consider Skhokho not just as a software solution but as a strategic partner capable of transforming your approach to financial governance and business management. Create an account and take advantage of your 14 days free trial. Don’t know where to start? Worry not, Skhokho also offers a Documentation Guide and YouTube tutorials to help you find your way around the software.

Skhokho Business Management Software
Bertha Kgokong
Published on Feb. 17, 2024

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