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How Project Management Software Helps You Track What You Need For Your Business Project Team

Managing a business takes a lot of time and money, and with it comes some difficulties. There are bills to pay, employees to supervise, and projects to plan. Project management software helps to make your job easier by providing you with some of the most important features that can benefit your business. 

If you are not familiar with project management software, let’s start with the basics. Project management software is basically a powerful tool that helps you keep track of your projects, employees, tasks, clients, and more. It is a great way to keep track of all the important information you need to be aware of. 

However, there are many features that come with project management software that most people may not be aware of. Below are some of the most critical features that project management software offers.


  • Use successful project management best practices to stay organised and get things done.
  • Collaborate with your team to track every detail, share documents and goals, and get updates on progress.
  • Set goals, collaborate on tasks, manage your team, and get work done faster with the help of real-time reports.

Project Management Software

In this blog, we introduce Skhokho Project Management Software, and show you how Skhokho covers all the requirements of a good project management software tool, in line with industry best practices and productivity improvement for your project team. 


Project Management Best Practices

Project management has been around for quite a while. It's a proven way to get things done. So if you're not using project management techniques to manage your tasks, you're doing it wrong. You can still use pen and paper or a simple to-do app to organise your tasks, but you'll never get the same results you can get from using project management software. 

Using project management best practices, you can focus on the things which are important to your business.


Project Management Software: Team Collaboration

Using a task management software is one of the best ways to know how you spend your time. Most project teams are working on multiple projects at the same time, team members are joining and leaving teams. In addition, there are deadlines to meet, clients to please and project delivery and quality measures to adhere to. As your teams grow, it gets harder and harder to track everything in one place using traditional spreadsheets, distributed calendars and email. At some point, you need to use professional, organised software tools to bring visibility to what your project team is doing.

Here is a list of the top benefits for team collaboration, when using project management software: 

  1. You can see how you spend your time. 
  2. You can see how you spend your time. 
  3. Your boss can see what you've been doing. 
  4. You can use the app to track how your team spends their time. 
  5. You can see how many hours you work. 
  6. You can see how much money you make. 


Set goals, assign tasks to get work done faster

When everyone in your team knows what the target goal is, you team will deliver better on the set objectives. Have a look at the project management dashboard from Skhokho Business Management Software:

First Tab: Managing project Milestones 

Project Milestone Management Software

When your whole team understands the project milestones, it is then easier to start assigning tasks based on the milestones. 


Second Tab: Project Task Management 

Project Task Management Software

Your whole project team is aligned on who is doing what and when certain tasks are due.


Get started with Skhokho for Project Management

Get more information on how to get started with Skhokho here or just create a 2 week free trial account, no credit card required to get started. 

Get Tutorals from our YouTube channel here: 

Skhokho Business Management Software
Bertha Kgokong
Published on Oct. 1, 2021

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