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How organizations can track employee time off accurately

How organizations can track employee time off accurately

Tracking employees time off work accurately is a very important task for all organizations. Time off is not something that we think about too often. But when an organization is looking to make changes it needs to understand exactly how much time is being taken off and why. If these employees have a high rate of time off then that can cause big problems for the organization.


Track employee time-off accurately


We will focus on the following:

  • Ways to track employee time off
  • The best employee time tracking method
  • Benefits of using time off tracking software
  • What to look for in a Employee Time Tracking App
  • Best employee time tracking apps of 2022


Ways to track employee time off

Tracking employee time off involves more than just tracking the time spent at work. In the modern world of technology, there are several new technologies and tools that help you run your business, save time, and manage it all effectively. Let us look at ways to track employee time off:


1. HR spreadsheets:

Many organizations use HR spreadsheets to track employee time off. This is a very basic method, but it can be effective when used properly. It allows you to easily see which employees have taken time off and when they have taken it. HR departments can also create spreadsheets to track employee time off. These spreadsheets can record when employees take vacation and sick days, as well as when they return from vacation.

Tracking employee time with spreadsheets


2. Emails:

Some organizations also use emails to track employee time off. When an employee requests time off, a notification is sent to the HR department and managers. Organizations can also use emails as a way to track employee time off. Emails can be sent to employees when they request time off, and again when it is time for them to return to work.


3. Paper-based forms:

Many organizations still use paper-based forms to track employee time off. Employees will fill out a form when they request time off and then the form is submitted to the HR department and managers. This method is time-consuming, and using pen and paper is not an ideal solution these days.


4. Time-off tracking software:

Many organizations now use specialized software to manage employee time off. This software allows employees to view their available time off, request time off, and track their time off. These programs allow HR departments to easily identify employee vacation and sick-day requests and record vacation and sick-day usage. The software can also generate reports to help you keep track of employee time off and allow you to quickly approve and reject requests.


The best employee time tracking method

From the above mentioned methods, Time off tracking software is the best way to track employee time and manage employee workloads.


Time tracking software

It allows business owners to monitor when employees are working, how long they are working, and how productive they are being. Time tracking software can also generate reports to allow employers to better manage employee time, create schedules, and analyze employee productivity. Time tracking software is a cost-effective way for employers to ensure their employees are working efficiently and accurately.

There are several types of time tracking software available, including web-based solutions and desktop software. Web-based solutions are often the most convenient choice, as they can be accessed from any web browser and provide a mobile app for easy tracking while on-the-go. Desktop software solutions are typically more expensive, but offer more features, such as employee scheduling and real-time performance tracking.


Employee Timesheet Report


No matter which type of time tracking software you choose, it is important to find one that fits your company’s needs and budget. By accurately tracking employee time, employers can ensure they are getting the most out of their employees and their time.

Time tracking technology simplifies tracking employees worked hours to ensure accurate compensation and assists with maintaining employee schedules for work. Time trackers can help reduce the cost associated with payroll processing by reducing your time.


Benefits of using time off tracking software


1. Improves Accuracy of Data:

Keeping track of staff time off can be difficult to do manually. Manual tracking can easily lead to errors, such as forgetting to record time off or miscalculating the number of days taken off. Tracking software eliminates these kinds of errors by automatically calculating the available days and ensuring accuracy of data.


2. Saves Time:

Tracking employee time off manually can be very time-consuming for employers. Automated time off tracking software helps to save a significant amount of time, allowing employers to focus on other important tasks.


3. Enhances Organization:

A digital system for tracking time off allows employers to easily organize and monitor employee time off in one place. This helps to make sure that employees are taking the appropriate amount of time off and reduces the likelihood of employees abusing their paid time off.


Enhance HR in your Business


4. Avoids Compliance Issues:

Automated tracking software can help employers ensure that they are in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding time off.


5. Improves Employee Satisfaction:

By using time off tracking software, employers can make sure that employees are taking time off when they need it and that they are being paid the correct amount for their time off. This can help to increase employee satisfaction and engagement and can even reduce turnover.


What to look for in an Employee Time Tracking App?

Time tracking tools have a wide range of functions. The best choice is yours. Ultimately. It's crucial that your decision is not regrettable to you and your staff. What's the difference between two things? This is the thing you should be observant about:


  • Accurate time tracking: Look for a time tracking app that is accurate and reliable, and that captures the exact times your employees are clocking in and out.
  • Easy to use: Look for an app that’s simple to use, with an intuitive interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Reporting & analysis capabilities: You want a time tracking app that can generate reports and provide analytics on your employees’ time. This can help you make better decisions about staff scheduling, payroll, and more.
  • Comprehensive time data: Look for an app that captures a comprehensive set of data related to employee time, such as job codes, project codes, and more.
  • Customization: Different companies have different needs, so it’s important to find a time tracking app that can be customized to meet those needs.
  • Cloud-based: Look for an app that’s cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Mobile compatibility: Many time tracking apps today are mobile compatible, so you can access them from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Security: Make sure the app you choose has strong security measures in place to protect your data.

Tracking employee hours


Best employee time tracking apps of 2022


#1. Deputy

Deputy is an employee time off tracking app that provides features such as team scheduling, time tracking, leave management, and timesheet approvals. It also offers a mobile app for easy access on the go.


#2. TSheets

TSheets is a comprehensive time off tracking tool that helps companies manage and track leave, vacation, sick, and personal time. It includes features such as automatic time and attendance tracking, electronic approvals, and customizable reports.


#3. TimeOff

TimeOff is a cloud-based employee time off tracking app that helps companies manage vacation, personal, and sick time. It offers features such as leave request management, timesheet tracking, and automated notifications.


#4. Bizimply

Bizimply is an employee time off tracking app designed to help businesses manage vacation, sick, and personal time. It offers features such as employee scheduling, time tracking, and attendance tracking.


#5. Skhokho

Skhokho is an all-inclusive business management tool that enables customers to handle the majority of their daily business operations in one location. When it comes to managing employee time, skhokho offers the following apps:

Timetracking application


Smart and Intelligent Leave Management System

Skhokho brings to you advanced and smart leave management system that is ideal for small businesses, start-ups and SMEs. Employees submit their requests for leave through the app, and those requests are approved or denied by their line supervisors. This is a clear, auditable process flow for managing leaves of absence that has been integrated into one's day-to-day business software.

The manager will then be able to:

Track Leave Credits - Keep track of the number of leave days to which each employee is entitled, and add monthly credits in accordance with company's HR policy.

Approve/Decline leave - Line managers can see leave allowance, and approve or decline leave accordingly. Employees are immediately informed of the outcome via email and in their portal on Skhokho

For more information on Skhokho Leave management, read this documentation:


Employee Timesheet App

Skhokho offers an employee timesheet app that is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers many features to help you track and manage your employees' time.


Employee timesheet application software

It's simple to track employee hours for project resources with the help of the cloud-based Skhokho Timesheet Management Software. Skhokho allows you to monitor who is working on what, how much time they are devoting to it, and the locations of possible obstacles.

Employees can now book their timesheets online at their convenience on a weekly basis and managers then will approve or reject timesheets.

For more information on Skhokho Employee Timesheet App, read this documentation:



In today's world, time is the most precious resource. Organizations can track employee time off accurately by implementing a comprehensive Leave Management System. This system should include a well-defined leave policy, automated leave request and approval process, real-time tracking of employee leave status, and automated notifications to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Additionally, organizations should have clear communication channels in place to ensure employees are aware of their leave policies, and to encourage them to submit accurate information. By implementing a comprehensive Leave Management System, organizations can ensure they accurately track employee time off while reducing the workload of their Human Resources department.

Skhokho Business Management Software
Bertha Kgokong
Published on Dec. 2, 2022

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