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Best Tools for Managing Employee Records for Small Business in 2021

It's challenging to find the right personnel management software. The Google search results make you feel as though you're shopping at a fair full of glitzy goods and attention-seeking vendors. As a result, the procedure itself can quickly become overwhelming. How do you choose the appropriate vendor in a market when everyone claims to be the greatest at what they do? 

It would help if you searched for the appropriate indicators, i.e., characteristics. Employee management solutions provide a unique collection of capabilities that may help you increase employee engagement and experience, eventually lowering attrition and increasing profits. So, what do you need to know to discover the perfect instrument for your needs? 

Here's a step-by-step guide to selecting staff management software that will impress your board of directors. 

What good is staff management software if you don't know what it's for? 

Employee management software is a comprehensive collection of employee management tools that a company requires to manage employee data, engagement, and performance while also driving more excellent value throughout the firm. These solutions can handle all employee-centric HR operations from recruiting through performance, not only storing and managing sensitive employee data. 

People by Zoho 

Zoho People is an employee management tool that allows HR managers and company owners to automate employee-related tasks. Employee onboarding, timesheets, leaves, performance, benefits, and personal information may all be managed using this application. Overall, Zoho People is a straightforward employee management system. 

HR Cloud Kissflow 

Kissflow HR Cloud is a single platform that manages all HR procedures. It enables businesses to provide a better employee experience, boosting staff retention and lowering total operating expenses. 

The program features a user interface that is extremely simple to use and requires little to no technical understanding. HR managers may automate all of their HR operations right away and start using Kissflow HR Cloud's many capabilities. Kissflow HR Cloud is a solid but flexible HR solution that scales with your organization to meet future HR management demands. 

Breezy HR

It is another HR management software for small, medium, and big enterprises. One of the most appealing features of Breezy is that it effortlessly connects with your existing HR software. You don't have to be concerned about data loss during the transfer and integration process. Breezy takes care of everything for you. 

Use online HR solutions to automate your procedures right now. 

HR has begun to use online HR management solutions to guarantee that they are not wasting necessary time on tasks that can be completed quickly and accurately. And, to satisfy this need, tools like the ones we discussed above have gotten increasingly feature-rich, offering you a wide range of alternatives. 


It is an easy-to-use HR solution that sets the bar for every other HR software on the market. It is user-friendly with simplified procedures, a customizable interface, informative reports, and an interactive dashboard. Its built-in approval flows ensure that compliance is enforced without compromising usability. Most importantly, Skhokho enables workers to interact more quickly and effectively, increasing employee engagement and productivity.


Get Started with Skhokho Employee management software

You can get started with Skhokho Human Resource App, for managing employee records, hr files, leave records and much more for as little as $20 per month. HR software is the basic starter Skhokho package and it has everythng you need for Employee management, here are some of the features:

Manage HR Policies - Upload policies as the HR manager and employees can read and accept from their profiles. Keep track of employees that have accepted the policy.

Manage leave records - employees can apply for leave, managers will approve leave and all the records will be preserved.

Payroll - run payroll, issue payslips and manage monthly leave allowance for employees.

HR files and personal records - employees can enter HR records, including attaching documents for their HR files. HR managers and line managers can view these records from their profiles.

Read more about Skhokho Human Resource App from the documentation.



Skhokho Business Management Software
Bertha Kgokong
Published on Sept. 15, 2021

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