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The Cost of SaaS Software is High, But Here's How to Get Affordable Business Software for Your Small

When small businesses are looking for software, they may find that the cost of SaaS software is too high. However, every small business needs the basic tools for running their day to day tasks like:

  • Human Resource Management - tools to help you keep track of your employee records, files, leave and payroll
  • Goal setting and KPI - tools to help you with a business wide goal setting process of creating and tracking goals
  • Project Management - tools to allow your team to collaborate on projects, keep track of project progress and milestones
  • Accounting Software - tools to help your business keep track of the finances, measure and record inflows and outflows of revenue
  • CRM - a tool to help you keep track of your clients and sales leads in one place

The cost problem

Currently, a small business must buy four different software to be able to accomplish all the above tasks. This can get costly for a small business just starting out.

HR Software R28 per user per month
Project Management Software $24 per user per month
Accounting Software R119 per month
Sales and CRM Euro25 per user per month
Goal Setting OKR Software $15 per user per month


Total - approximately ZAR 1146 which is the equivalent of $78 per user. Very important to note that these prices are "per user per month", which means you need to multiply them by the number of users you have in your company.

With these prices, it is no surprise that small business revert back to spread-sheet management and keeping records in inboxes and scattered dropbox accounts and google drive folders.

Introducing Skhokho Affordable Business Software

Affordable Business Software provides all of the features and functions needed by small business owners at an affordable price. Skhokho Affordable Business Software has everything you need to grow your company without breaking the bank!

Our approach is to provide small businesses with just the right tools, from years of experience and research - we have compiled the most useful functions of a small business in one intuitive and easy to use platform.

If you're a small company, this is the ideal Business Software solution for you, you will get all the useful features that you need without breaking the bank.

Get started with Skhokho.

Applications that come with Skhokho Business Management Suite

Human Resource Management 

Manage all your employee records, HR files, leave management, team task mangement, run payroll and issue payslips to employees with this HR Software tool. HRM software is included in the basic package for Skhokho which starts at $20 per month for up to 3 users. 

HRMS Software Pricing


Goal Setting with OKRs

OKRs are an goal setting method that is used by some of the world's leading organisations such as Google and Amazon. OKRs are also included within the basic package for Skhokho which costs only $20 per month for up to 3 users. 

OKR Objective Key Results Pricing

Meeting Management

skhokho one of the first, and few SaaS products that intergrates meeting management within a Business Management tool. Stop tracking meeting minutes in spreadhseets and scattered minites of meeting templates that get lost and misplaced. With skhokho, you can track all you meetings in one place and track: meeting attendees, action items and discussions points.

Send invites to attendess and minutes of meeting, directly from meetign dashboard with just one click. 

Meeting Management Software Pricing


Accounting Management

Accounting software functionalities include: Invoice, quote and expense management. Accounting dashboard, tracking sales for business products and services and much more. Accounting software is included in the business package - tier 2 which starts at $28 per month for up to 3 users. Note that HRMS and OKR are already invluded in the Business Package and do not come at an extra charge. 

Accounting Software Pricing

Project Management

Project management software comes with the following functionalities: Ability for teams to collaborate on projects, track milestones and tasks. Client access portal for projects, so clients can view project progress, documents and meeting notes. Project meetings and documents.

The project management app is included in the business suite, together with the accounting app. They are intergrated, meaning you can assign invoices to clients and projects uploaded from the project app and display revenue and invoice information within the project app. 

The price for business package is still $28 per month for up to three users - this includes both Accounting and Project Management applications.

Project management software pricing

Sales and CRM

Sales and CRM app provides the ability to record and track clients for the business. Build client lists and divide in to mailing groups that you can send group emails to on a regular basis directly from CRM.

Track leads across the sales pipeline, record meetings and notes associated with leads. Sales dashboard gives a snapshop of the current state of affairs within the Sales team. 

Sales and CRM app are included in the Business Plus package which starts at $40 per user per month. This package includes everything in Skhokho suite of applications and is the premium package on Skhokho.

Skhokho Pricing

The pricing table for skhokho, showing all the features and prices is shown below. Get started by registering for a 14 day free trial.

Skhokho Pricing


Skhokho Business Management Software
Bertha Kgokong
Published on Oct. 27, 2021

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