# Products and Services

Navigate to the Products and Services (opens new window) Page to be able to enter and view company products and services. There are the offerings your company has, they are included in your quotes and invoices, as line items as well.

Accounting Software Products and Services

# Actions available

  • Edit an existing product/service
  • Add a new product/service

# Add New Product service

To add a new product or service, click on the "add new product/service" button at the top right of the page. You will be routed to this page, where you can add your products and services.

Add new Product or Service

Enter the following information:

  • Title of product or service
  • Type, select between product or service
  • Image to represent your product
  • Price
  • Product or Service description

When you have added the product or service, save the form and you will be routed back to the product list - where you will see the new product you just added.

View Product Service List Accounting Application

You can press the "edit" button to change any product or service details.