# Project Details

# Project List


You need project app rights to access the sections described in this documentation.

You can access the project list here (opens new window). This is the landing page where the project team can see a list of all projects that are currently running.

Project List

From this page you can view project details, including milestones and tasks.

Action button from the project list page will allow you to do the following:

  • Create new project
  • Access project details
  • Print project report
  • Edit project details
  • Delete a project

# Create new Project

Click on the "create new project" button at the top of the page, you will be routed to a new page where you will be required to enter the following information to create a new project:

Project Title
Client associated with the project
Project Start Date
Project end date
Project description
Scope of work
Deliverables for the project


When you create a new project, you will be automatically assigned as the project manager, owner for the project files docs, details etc.

# Edit Project

To edit an existing project, start at the project list page (opens new window), look for the project you want to edit. Click on the action column for that project and click - edit. You will be taken to an edit page, where you will be able to edit the details you need to edit for the project.

To view project details, start at the project list page (opens new window), look for the project you want to view. Click on the action column for that project and click - project report. You will be navigated to the project report page to view the PDF report, which will look like this:

View Project Report in PDF

The project report includes all the information entered for a specific project, from the description to the milestones and tasks in one convenient PDF document that you can print, or share with others.

# Project Details

To view project details, start at the project list page (opens new window), look for the project you want to view. Click on the action column for that project and click - view project. You will be navigated to the project detail page for that project, which will look like this:

Project List

Within the project detailed page, there are five (5) project tabs. Each tab contains a set of data that is relevant to the project. These tabs are:

  • Project Milestones - where you can define the different milestones for the project in a chronological order.
  • Project board - where you can add specific project tasks, associated with milestones
  • Project meetings - where you can record all meetings associated with the project
  • Project documents - where you can save all project docs
  • Project notes - keep track of all notes associated with the project

# Create Project Milestone

You can create a new project milestone by navigating to the end of the project milestone list, on the project milestone tab of detailed project page:

Project List

The following information must be provided to create a new milestone:

Fields Required
Title of milestone
Milestone due date
Milestone description

This information will be displayed back to you on the project detailed page. You will be able to: (1) edit the milestone (2) delete the milestone (3) move the milestone status to completed

To edit the milestone, click on the three dots at the top right of the milestone box, a dropdown menu will appear with option .

Edit a milestone


When a milestone is initially created, it will be greyed out. When you move it to completed, it will be blue.

It is advisable to use this milestone status functionality to let the team know what milestone they are currently busy with. Milestones are proxies for project stages.

# Project Board

The project board is the place where all teh tasks the project team members are currently busy with are shown. Tasks are divided in to three columns:

  • TODO tasks
  • In progress tasks
  • Completed tasks

Project Board

You can also move the tasks forward between the columns, for example - you can move a task which is in the "to-do" column to the "in progress" column by clicking on the button "move to in progress". You can also delete a task.

On the project board, within the task detail you can see:

  • The Title of the task
  • The project milestone associated with the task
  • The person responsible for the task
  • The due date of the task

There are two action buttons: (1) Move the task status and (2) delete a task.


Anyone who has access to the project has the ability to create, move and delete tasks, only grant access to the right people.

# Create Project Task

At the top right corner of the project board, there is a button "add new project task".

Project Board

Click on the button, the information required to create a new task is:

Fields to Create Task
Select the milestone
Select the responsible person
Title of the task
Short description of task
Due date of the task


The tasks created here will also appear on the individual personal pages and calendar of the responsible person.